Newton Genealogy

I have given some thought to making this site a resource for the Newton family name, but I’m waiting for (serious) volunteers to help maintain it.  Until then, here are some other sources of information:

Newton Internet Family Tree by Glen Newton

Sir Isaac Newton

Unfortunately I don’t really know a lot about Sir Isaac Newton and have no idea if there is any family relationship. However, I recognize that people may stumble on this site looking for information on Sir Isaac. Some good places to start are:

Cambridge Isaac Newton Resources

Those interested in Isaac Newton can find out about his personal life and his read his writings on religion, science, and mathematics at:

The Newton Project

His alchemical writings can be read at:

The Chymistry of Isaac Newton

The Fig Newton (Nabisco)

Did you know that Newtons come in fig, apple, peach, raspberry, and strawberry? Yeah, I was surprised too. Nabisco has an entire web site devoted to Newtons.